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Where Does My Money Go?

Where Does My Money Go? is an interactive visualisation of the Guardian-style public spending map. It is useful, but I wonder where it should drill down to? It feels quite light at present, but that’s probably because I’m not using it right.

Public sector rich list

Slightly skewed by 30 bankers, but still fascinating reading. The interesting point is this one: By comparison, according to the Institute of Directors, a managing director of a private organisation with a turnover of between £50 million and £500 million could expect...

Types of freelancer

What kind of freelancer are you? I’m not sure I fit into any category, so maybe I’m not a freelancer?

The use and abuse of scenarios

Useful summary McKQ on the use and abuse of scenarios. We don’t often have to use them, but there are some good lessons on any kind of strategic planning in there.