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McK on the supply chain of the future

Building the supply chain of the future. Fascinating analysis from McK on new options for the supply chain. The ideas of splintering based on volatility and component-based assembly-to-order are excellent.

Procurement savings

There still appear to be procurement savings available: the IoD estimates £15bn. Procurement is always the first port of call for savings as it appears to be about lowering prices and therefore spend. I’m not sure £15bn in the procurement process makes sense,...

Be careful with data

Valuable counsel: the simple presence of data can cause you take or not take action based on invalid assumptions. The question here is how to ensure that there are checks and balances on data presentation so that you can rely on your decision-making?

New software frameworks signed

Interesting to see that the new frameworks are only two years (with a potential two-year extension) this should help keep up with the pace of change in technology (the frameworks include web design, for example). But the £1bn expected to go through the frameworks is...