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Local government data

Openlylocal is doing a great job of bringing together local government information in a comprehensive and easily digestible manner.On drilling down, I am disappointed not to recognise any of my safer neighbourhoods team!

Localism and cuts

Reform says that local authorities need to make significant cuts in frontline staff. The LGA suggests that the cuts required reach £11bn. Elsewhere, Smarter Government seems to have linked up with Total Place and is fêted.

Shared services in local government

Shared services that seem to work in local government: Post sharing Two organisations (not sure how this is shared services) Cross sector organisations Outsourcing Models with a tendency to fail: Multiple organisations, where one clusters in one sector Outcome-system,...

Ten lessons from the Total Place pilots

Ten key lessons from the Total Place pilots: Prevention versus cure Case management – look at the whole person, not the symptom Junctions – avoid people falling through gaps ’80-20’ – public sector demand is very focused; can be expensive Dispersed...