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Lots to digest in the new speech by Gordon Brown on the digital economy. Helen isn’t sure that there is much new there. Neither does Michael Cross. I remember one of the e-Envoy’s team telling me with delight that the last conservative government’s...

History of the Treasury

Not much good to say about this “interactive” history of the Treasury. The initial diagonal view is designed to make the information difficult to read, and the sizing of balls is clearly pointless. There is some interesting information in there, but I...

Where else can we use checklists?

Checklists in surgery should be mandated given the extraordinary error improvements they bring. The interesting question is where else checklist thinking can be used.

How to use Twitter well

Will Perrin asked for some thoughts on what data councils should release. He then summarised the results in a useful fashion, very rapidly. Wibbi  government allowed its civil servants to do the same thing?

PEPPOL – EU wide eProcurement

PEPPOL looks like it is trying to address a number of the issues that NPEP is tackling. It is also working along the lines of interoperability and standards rather than single systems. I found it from a link on a website giving guidance on procurement from the...